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Siamese Twin 330 GTSs  take awards at Concorso Italiano 2002

By Paul Gilpatrick

Fourteen 330s including 5 330 GTSs showed up for this year's Concorso Italiano in Monterey. The two 330GTSs that took class awards, Dean Gardner's 330 GTS s/n 10599 and James Buese's s/n 10567 were presented side by side both in Navy and Tan. Actually, Deane lists his color as Tourbillon Blue after it has recently been completely restored after 25 years in a shed.

330 GTS s/n 10567
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330 GTS s/n 10599
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330 GTS s/n 10567
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Now for you serial number buffs, these cars were built in succession, and are truly sister cars. 330 GTS S/N 10567 shows body number CO331 with S/N 10599 associated with CO333. What happened with body number CO332 you ask? 330 GTS S/N 10633 sports C0332 body number. Did you two plan identical restoration themes?

Also spotted was the ever present Paul Schaeffer from Tiburon, CA with his silver 330 GT and returning entrant Norbert Hofer with his 330 GTS S/N 11015.

Bill & Nancy Sweningsen's 330 GT s/n 9379
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Concorso Italiano was another great sucess with 322 Ferraris in attendance at the show and 76 in the FCA Vintage Concours. It was great to see all of these great 330s!

Concorso Italiano Class Award Winners
Class 3 330 GT/GTS/365 GTS
Year Model Chassis # Owner City, ST Award
1969 365 GTS 12489 Tim Montgomery Saratoga, CA Platinum
1967 330 GTS 10599 Deane Gardner Cupertino, CA Gold
1967 330 GTS 10567 James Buese Pasadena, CA Silver

330s in Attendance at Concorso Italiano 2002
Year Model Chassis # Owner City, ST
1964 330 GT 5769 Tim Waller Carmichael CA
1967 330 GT 6773 Chuck Strong El Toro CA
1966 330 GT 8361 James Burnett San Jose CA
1966 330 GT 8411 Harry Noller Santa Cruz CA
1966 330 GTC 8727 John Ratto Moss Beach CA
1967 330 GT 9379 Bill Sweningsen Santa Ana CA
1967 330 GT 9629 Paul Schaeffer Tiburon CA
1967 330 GTC 10007 Michael McClure San Bruno CA
1967 330 GTC 10297 Michael Higgs Carmel CA
1967 330 GTS 10567 James Buese Pasadena CA
1967 330 GTS 10599 Deane Gardner Cupertino CA
1967 330 GTS 10731 Jeff Abramson Alamo CA
1967 330 GTS 11015 Norbert Hofer Los Alamitos CA
1968 330 GTS 11071 Maurilio De Nicolo Saratoga CA

Thanks to Chief Judge Tish Thinesen for providing these results.

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